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elsajeni's Journal

17 December 1985
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Hello, internet! How are you?

So here's the story. I live in Houston, and I've moved back into my parents' house; I go to UH, and I expect to graduate in December 2009. I'm majoring in English and minoring in math, and I'm planning to get a teaching certificate in junior-high level math -- I really like kids that age (I know, I know, but someone has to), and I love math and explaining things, so I think it'll suit me pretty well.

I'm engaged to Zack, eyetech (WARNING: journal may contain gross eyeball-related anecdotes), who moved to Portland, Oregon last August. I'll be joining him there when I finish school, and I'm really looking forward to it -- I went up there to help him move, and it's really beautiful, and everybody has dogs (I WANT A DOG TOO) and they all seem to be very nice (the people, I mean, but the dogs are very nice too) and there are a million weird hobby stores and clubs and in general it seems very close to perfect. We're getting married in May, so I'm alternating between glee and stress, but mostly glee.

October is my favorite month, largely because I love Halloween; other things that I really like include game shows, cheese, and writing. I try to do National Novel-Writing Month and Script Frenzy every year. I like languages; I've taken a couple of years of Chinese and hope I'll have the chance to learn more, and I'm really interested in learning Czech.